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Our law firm does not get paid until we have reached a successful outcome in your workers’ compensation case.  For employment law cases, we will assess each one on an individual basis for a legal consultation.  Our commitment for excellence can only be matched by the personal attention we devote to each client.

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Worker's Compensation

We have a vast amount of experience in injuries involving the back, neck, shoulders, and knees as well as repetitive motion injuries, toxic chemical exposure, and COVID-related workplace illnesses.

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We will fiercely defend the rights of workers in Unemployment benefits, Sexual harassment cases as well as Employment and Severance agreements.

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Ms. Stacey Page of The Page Law Group LLC has been defending the rights of workers for more than 22 years. We will work with you to get the compensation you are entitled to. If your rights have been violated or you have been injured at work, don't wait to file a claim. We offer free consultations for all worker's compensation cases. Contact us to get professional help for your case today!

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Meet the talented and experienced team at The Page Law Group, LLC.

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"Nothing but professional service. They walked me through this process step by step and made sure I understood everything as we went along. Mourad was a tremendous help and made the process so easy.  Thanks to him and Stacey for all their help!"

- K. Bokay

"My husband and I wish to express our appreciation for your professional skills in aiding me with my unemployment appeal. Your patience and understanding along with your expertise provided us with what we needed.  Without a doubt, we will recommend you to others for your thoughtful listening, wisdom, and quick responses."

- S. Pudik

"The Page Law Group was great with keeping in contact and explaining everything that was going on. They were great with time management."

- M. Johnson

"I highly recommend The Page Law Group. This company exemplifies the utmost professionalism, compassion, and commitment in the pursuit of justice for their clients."

- J. Childers

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Worker's Compensation Law in Missouri - Notice of Injury

For all claims after August 27th, 2005, you must notify your Employer of your work-related injury within thirty (30) days.  If you have a repetitive trauma injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome, you must inform your Employer within 30 days of the medical diagnosis of this condition by a physician. Your injury date for a repetitive type trauma will most likely be the date of the diagnosis. It is always better to err on the side of caution and report all significant injuries (excluding minor scrapes that are treatable on site) so that you do not confront this problem of not notifying your Employer in a timely manner.  If you injure yourself at work and do not report it within the 30-day timeframe, then your claim may be denied as the Employer has the right to select your medical providers.    If you report your injury in a timely manner and your Employer does not send you for medical treatment, then you may select your own medical providers. However, notice to the Employer should be communicated in writing, if possible. If you have been injured on the job and have further questions about your claim, please call The Page Law Group LLC at (417) 719-4774 for a free consultation.

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